Gabriel is available as a Director of Photography and various other roles. He has experience across multiple genres of film including; features, shorts, documentaries, television shows, corporates videos, music videos and commercials. He is very well versed in all areas of film production, including: camera operations, lenses, and lighting. He also is very skilled in the post-production process, including: editing, color grading, ADR, and sound design.

He has directed and edited dozens of award winning independent films, documentaries, and music videos. Gabriel has continued to win awards throughout his career. He won awards for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design in 2013 and Best Editing in 2014. Most recently he won Best Cinematography and Best Editing in 2015 at the SATO Film Festival. His film “Champion of Fire” was an official selection at the Brownfish Film Festival in NYC. He has worked with award winning artists, such as Kutless, and his work with international recording star Eli Barsi has been featured on CMT. He has worked several times with an artist featured on NBC’s The Voice and has also worked on a reality TV pilot for A&E.

Gabriel’s strong work ethic, positive attitude and his ability to think analytically and strategically in a fast-paced dynamic environment are what set him apart from others. He believes that the joy of filmmaking is in the journey. He loves every minute of the planning, shooting, and editing. He thinks the most important thing you can do is work with people that enjoy the process as well.


Gabriel is available to be hired for various educational work. He is known for his workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Gabriel has a background in both film and education. He has taught at the collegiate level. He worked as a Communications Instructor and Electronic Media Engineer at a private university. He has taught various courses in electronic media; including film, broadcasting, and digital arts. His goal as a teacher is to utilize design principles, marketing strategies, film, and photography to teach students how to communicate a message.

Everything from small group workshops to one-on-one private training is available. This can be done either from his Los Angeles base or by traveling to you. His teachings can be are tailored to exactly what you want to learn.

Gabriel can be hired as a consultant for your company, church or organization. With over 10 years of working in the film, broadcasting and educational industry Gabriel Mays brings with him not just a massive amount of experience but a real passion and enthusiasm to help others achieve their maximum potential.

If you are interested in working with Gabriel on your next project or hiring him for training please contact our office.