How to Export 2.35:1 from Adobe Premiere to Vimeo | Tutorial

People are always asking me how I export 2.35:1 footage to Vimeo. I figured I would go ahead and do a tutorial on how I edit 2.35:1, using Adobe Premiere CS5 or higher. How I export it to H.264. As well as, how I upload it to Vimeo.

If you are going to edit 2.35:1, you will need to frame with that in mind when shooting. For instance, when you shoot a close up, it will turn into an extreme close up.

Original 16:9 Framing
Original 16:9 Framing
2.35:1 Cropping Applied
2.35:1 Cropping Applied

When editing, I don’t recommend using the crop preset in Premiere. Instead, I recommend using a matte over the top of your footage. A friend of mine, Andrew Farmer created a png matte for me with an alpha center. This is a UHD template. If you are working in a 1080p or 720p timeline, simply scale it to frame. Here is the 2.35:1 template.

2.35:1 Cropping
2.35:1 Cropping

Export your footage using Adobe Media Encoder. In the export settings change your frame height and then crop your footage from the top and the bottom. Depending on the resolution you are editing in, the height and the crop changes. Here are the proper dimensions:

  • Frame Width = 3840px
    Frame Height = 1634px
    Crop Top = 263px
    Crop Bottom = 263px
  • Frame Width = 1920px
    Frame Height = 816px
    Crop Top = 132px
    Crop Bottom = 132px
  • Frame Width = 1280px
    Frame Height = 544px
    Crop Top = 88px
    Crop Bottom = 88px
Export Settings from Adobe Premiere CS5 or Higher for 2.35:1.
Export Settings from Adobe Premiere CS5 or Higher for 2.35:1.

When you are finished exporting, upload your H.264 file to Vimeo. Vimeo will automatically recognize the frame height and will display it as 2.35:1.